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Re[2]: T.rex arms and Cryptoz memo

>>Last, (and I 
>>always felt this was largely neglected) is that they would make great  
>>>Except that its doubtful if the arm could even reach the mouth.
>What if the T rex had gotten it's meat stuck in it's teeth while it's head was 
>in the body cavity?  It could then use it's small arms to lift itself upwhile 
>pushing away at the body, then >snapo!< the meat would tear loose and allow it 
>to go on eating happily.  Especially if eating a larger animal than itself 
>as a sauropod.

Except that the large sauropods were extinct by the time of T. rex.  It appears 
that the only prey rex had to deal with were ceratopians and hadrosaurs.


Q.  What gastropod is a constant skeptic?

A.  Abalone.