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Re: Cladistic question (was Re: Centrosaurines)

>Here's an interesting thought.  What would happen if someone was to take a=
> cladogram, and superimpose it onto the geologic time scale (a combination=
> of cladistics and phylogeny)?  Would this be informative, or merely=
> garbage?  At first glance, it could be a powerfull tool.  One could use=
> cladistics to see how animals are related (something that the time scale=
> could obscure), and then put in the timescale, where it could be more meani=

The graphic you just described (i.e., a cladogram mapped ontp stratigraphy)
IS a phylogeny.  In someways it is more meaningful, indeed!  Among others,
it allows for putting a putative ancestor directly ancestral to the
hypothesized descendants.

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