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Re: T.rex toothpick debate

Rob questions my toothpicks suggestion as one of the
possible uses for T.rex forelegs, saying that it is
doubtful that the arms could reach the mouth.  As I
stated in my original post, I know others have expressed
the same doubts, but on what basis?  This seems like
one of those things that someone says once, and lots
of people repeat without giving it much thought.  If you
look at a T.rex skeleton, it appears that the ends of the 
arms COULD reach the mouth if the head cocked down and the 
arms reached up, and I see no reason to assume that this could
not be done.  Both the arms and neck vertebrae look pretty 
flexible to me (though I admit I am not an expert on  T.rex).
Would any other members care to weigh in on this?   
To those who say the arms could not reach the mouth, 
can you please say why, at least in terms of whether 
you think the limit in mobility was in the arms or the 
neck.  Thanks.
Glen Kuban