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WE USE 19%..

>The idea that humans use only "10"% of their brain is an urban myth that
>apparently got its start near the turn of the century, after the first crude
>surveys mapped a small portion of brain function. <snip> Of course, it 
>would be absurd to evolve a big brain that takes up 20% of a humans metabolism 
>and then do nothing with it.  (GS Paul)

And, of course, perpetuated in the excellent sci-fi book 'Galapagos', afraid I
can't remember the author. Idea there is that humans use 19% of their brains,
and, on evolving into little furry seal-type beasties, retain their intelligence
whilst greatly reducing the size of their brains.

So how did it go at SVPC folks? Much on archosaurs?