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> First, over and over, their signage says "Dinosaurs were 
> reptiles."

Now a 'correct' statement... if you're a cladist.

> And here's a particular back-pat. Something very nice since my last visit:
> a small "animatronic" dinosaur - a sleeping hypsy. It just lies there with
> its eyes closed, breathing and occasionally twitching its tail. Quite
> believable. I wish there had been a sign crediting its creators! It's
> located in a little "enclosure" as though it were a live display, and in a
> nice subtle touch, it is sleeping far from the center of the otherwise empty
> "cage." If the context had been "zoo" and the model had been of a living 
> species of reptile, I expect most viewers would have been completely fooled.
> It was that good.

The robot is actually a _Psittacosaurus_. It's yellow, and very accurate - I've
fooled several non-dinophiles into thinking that it's a *real* animal!

Steve (Skill 7, Stamina 6.. sorry) didn't mention the BARYONX we have at the
BMNH - a reconstruction of the beast in Paulian running style.. but with its
arms oddly waving about all over the place (the vert. column's bent a funny way

"In recent years, I have come to interpret cryptozoology, not so much as the
study of hidden animals, but as the study in the belief of hidden animals"