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Re: Baugh & Acrocanthosaurus claim

In a message dated 95-11-02 12:08:50 EST, paleo@ix.netcom.com (Glen J. Kuban)

>Unfortunately, Baugh utterly 
>botched the excavation, so we shall never know exactly what was found.  
>He and a local church group tried to excavate the entire find within a 
>couple days, covered many of the bones with plaster without covering 
>them with paper first, and stepped all over on many of the smaller 
>bones. By the time I got to the site only a couple days after the 
>initial discovery, they had damaged or destroyed most of the bones.  
>One large bone partially embedded in marl and partially in a limestone 
>layer was the only recognizable bone left when I arrived.  Baugh 
>arrived carrying severqal gallons of hydrochloric acid, annoucing that 
>he was going to burn the bone out of the rock.  I could not bear to 
>stay and watch.

What an asshole.