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Re: ankylosaurs

In a message dated 95-11-02 08:38:34 EST, dino@revelation.unomaha.edu (John
Schneiderman) writes:

>What is the current placement for _Minmi paravertebra_ and 
>"Jurassosaurus"?  Are they nodosaurids, ankylosaurids, or belong to a 
>more primitive grouping within the Ankylosauria?

"Jurassosaurus nedegoapeferkimorum" is officially named _Tianchisaurus
nedegoapeferima_ and is provisionally classified as an ankylosaurid
(Jurassic, of course). _Minmi_ is still classified as a nodosaurid, but
Ralph's new, as yet undescribed specimen seems to indicate a separate family
for the genus is warranted. But it may also be a derived scelidosaurid.