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Re: Yes and No to Paul's question

Paul asked whether having verifyable evidence of a Cryptozoological 
animal (which, by the way, some people in the biz call "cryptids), 
would not remove it from the realm of cryptozoology.  As another
member pointed out, it may not if one could still argue about whether
it represented a new species.  
    One also might have a piece of evidence  (say a bone, partial 
skeleton, hide, etc. of some animal--not fossilized) that did not match 
any known animal.  That might be considered solid evidence that the 
unknown creature existed, but until it was identified and described in 
full (perhaps requiring an entire animal or carcass be found), it might 
still be considered to be in the realm of cryptozoology.  I realize 
Paul's question may not have been totally serious, but wanted to 
mention this.  Ben, our resident Crypto buff, might have some interest 
in it, or want to dispute it.

By the way, I have had some direct email exchanges with Ben, and want 
to apologize publically for busting his chops a little on some of the 
Cryptozoology stuff.  I found out in our correspondence that he is only 
15 (sorry Ben for blowing your cover). Wereas I felt he was a little 
naive about Cryptoz when I assumed he was older, for someone of 15 I 
think he is on the right track, having alot more interest, knowledge, 
and activity in scientific matters than most his age.  As I told him, 
when I was 15 I used to eat up stuff like cryptozoology also, and only 
developed a more skeptical (and I think realiztic) attitude about it 
with age.  I found out in his email to me directly that Ben too is 
skeptical about many cryptozoological claims.  He probably came like a 
staunch advocate of cryptozoology claims partly because he was taking a 
defensive role in relation to the majority of strong ctyptoz-skeptics 
here.  Anyway, I do not want to speak for him, but thought I would say 
a few words to temper some of my past comments on the topic.  By the 
way, Ben is considering starting a Cryptozoology forum, which should 
help move the discussion out of this forum.  

Glen J. Kuban