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Re: T.rex arms and Cryptoz memo

In regards to the debate about T. rex arms....  

First, the fact that the anatomy of the arms is fully functional and 
indicate they could move, pull, push, and grasp things, plus the fact 
that they end in useful, sharp claws, strongly suggests that they were 
used for *something,* and not just decorative neck charms.

I suspect the forelegs were pretty handly for *multiple* uses, despite 
their size.  I have a number of small appendages (well, OK, with one 
exception) on my body.  I would not call most of them vestigial nor 
want to be without them.  I find Farlow's grasping-during-sex proposal 
for T.rex's arms perfectly plausible.  I also think the arms could have 
been used for raising the body when the animal squatted or otherwise 
lowered itself (for feeding or whatever).  They also could have had at 
least minimal military use, both defensive and offensive.  Last, (and I 
always felt this was largely neglected) is that they would make great  
toothpicks.  Whether T.rex was largely a scanvenger or a hunter, he 
would have been chomping into big chunks of meat as well as thick, 
tough hide and bones, etc. some of  which are bound to get stuck in the 
teeth now and then, I would think.  Look at any modern meat-eaters and 
you will see this occur, often followed by the animals taking using the 
forpaws to help loosen the material.  Despite suggestions to the 
contrary by some, I think T.rex forlegs could easily reach its own 
mouth (with the head cocked inward), and that the claws would be 
extremely handy for manipulating and loosening food material.  In fact, 
four out of five dentists polled recommend this.  

Glen J. Kuban