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Re: DINOSAUR digest 680

Virginia et al,

> Are any of the 
> hundreds of Chinese dinosaur eggs that have been recovered known to be 
> from Tyrannosaurs?

The simple answer to that is "no".  But this has to be a qualified 
"no" as some dinosaur eggs have been assigned to _Tyrannosaurus_ (or 
related), but there is absolutely no evidence as yet for this being 
the case....in fact all the evidence points to the eggs as being from 
a completely different dinosaur.  The eggs that have been previously 
identified as from _Tyrannosaurus_ are large  (50cm long, 15cm wide) 
eggs.  Some of these eggs have embryos still inside and have been 
prepared to show various bones.  I cannot say here which dinosaur is 
represented as the researchers would not be too happy, suffice to say 
that it is not tyrannosaurian.


BTW has anyone talked about the new discovery of dinosaur embryos?  
There have been a few garbled messages come through on radio here 
about them.