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Re: Marsupials -- on a dino list???

>Potoroos?  What are they?

Kangaroo rats.


The subfamily containing the Musky Rat Kangaroo (Hypsiprymniodon).


A Miocene carnivourous kangaroo.

>Vat ist das?

Nein! Vas ist das!


Technically it should have been Propleonines, the subfamily of carnivorous
kangaroos that includes Ekaltadeta and Propleopus.


See above.

>Anyway, I would like to know about these names.  Marsupials, eh?
>BTW, can anyone tell me what the HELL this has to do with dinosaurs?  This
>kind of stuff belongs on an EVOLUTION mailing list.  The guy who posted the
>query in the first place was asking for DINOSAURIAN examples!!!

This list often has strings that wander off-topic into relates studies (and
often into completely unrelated ones!). In the past the consensus feeling
is that, providing the topic is not unpalaeontological or zoological,
excursions from things dinosaurian are tolerated.

Cheers, Paul