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Some Stuff

I have two questions for anyone on the list that I've been wondering for a

Many of the extremely rich dinosaur fields of Mongolia are named Ba-yan
Something-or-other; such as Ba-yan Mandihut or Ba-yan Dzak.  I hev recently
been trying to teach myself Mongolian (this has thuroughly convinced me that
Russian isn't _that_ hard afterall) and have learned that Ba-yan means "rich"
(there really isn't a hyphen, but it would be pronounced incorrectly with
Roman letters if their weren't one), does anyone know what some of the other
Ba-yan names mean like Mandihut or Dzak?

Also, has it been decided that 100% of all the eggs discovered by Ralph
Chapman Andrews that were previously assigned to _Protoceratops andrewsi_ are
all now belonging to _Oviraptor philoceratops_?  In "Dinosaur Eggs and
Babies" (I think) there are drawings of infant _P. andrewsi_ skeletons.  Were
these ever associated with any eggs and/or nests?  How would one know that
all of the hundreds of eggs either belong to _O._ or _P._?

Peter Buchholz

Mongolian has _lots_ of fun vowels.