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Re: Solnhofen lagoon

>The lagoon cannot have been totally anoxic and stagnant, or  else
>there would be no fossils of marine animals.

Benthonic animals at least.  Fish would be present whether or not the sea floor 
had oxegen.

>It is likely that
>the surface layers were oxygenated and su pported a copious
>algal flora, but the deeper parts were anoxic and stagnant, like
>the depths of several water bodies, including the Black Sea.  Any
>unfornate creature that dived too deeply would be in trouble, but
>most fossils are almost certainly remains of creatures that died
>from other causes and then sank into the depths from the
>oxygenated surface layers, after death.

Agree.  I would add that if Solnhofen was truly anoxic, we would expect the 
rock to be of dark colors, due to the abundant organic matter (what scavenger 
is going to feed where it can't breath?).


Q.  What gastropod is a constant skeptic?

A.  Abalone.