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Dinosaur Society notes

Just a couple of notes in response to various queries that have  
appeared here during the past month:

dsociety@aol.com is indeed the correct address for the Dinosaur  
Society, as several people have stated.  Please be patient; there are  
few people in the NY office, and they are very busy.  On the other hand, if  
you don't receive a reply to your message after a couple of weeks, I  
suggest that you send a follow-up.  Or, you might try telephoning  
(1-800-346-6366).  If you have a question about *The Dinosaur Report*, or  
you'd like to submit an article, you can send your message directly to  
me.  You may also send articles, publication questions, etc. to Thom  
Holmes, whose address is 70621.2234@compuserve.com.

The Dinosaur Society does not yet have a Web page, but we should  
have one soon -- the 1st quarter of 1996, I hope.  I will post the URL when  
the page is up.

We are not publishing a dino calendar for 1996.  The next year, perhaps.

Joe Ramirez
The Dinosaur Society