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T-rex arms

I believe LN Jeff was quoting Nicholas R. Longrich here when he wrote: 

>>  And as for those Tyrannosaur forelimbs- those things could pull hundreds
of pounds per arm, they seem to have been used as grappling  hooks to secure
the prey while the tyrannosaur takes a bite out. So they certainly weren't
vestigial. They do display surprisingly little curvature, or at least, I
thought so after looking at eagle claws, which curve through over ninety

LN Jeff responded:
>>I don't remeber if anyone answered my question the last time this came up
regarding how strong other tyrannosaurid arms were.  Tyrannosaur arms might
indeed have been becoming vestigial, and T.rex found a new use for them that
caused them to get beefed up.<<

My response:
T-rex arms have the same function that mononykid arms had, grappling mates.
 They are good only in close proximity, they are very strong and (hopefully)
they do not puncture.