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Re: Re[2]: BAAD BCF(chicken story)

    >   My pet chicken, Petunia . . . once flew into a 60 foot redwood tree

Does this mean Petunia never met a _Sequoia_ she didn't like?

    > (Was a wierd chicken, anyways...ate mice she caught herself and 
    > crowed every morning after laying her egg)

Uh . . . I'm afraid to ask. Did Petunia end her days peacefully, or did the 
garbage man finally get her (now I know what Central Florida's Harris 
Sanitation workers do on their days off), or did she grace the dinner table 
one festive holiday?

Good Lord (sorry, George), Betty, now I'll never enjoy another _Gallus 
domesticus_ drumstick without guilt feelings. It's back to 
peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches, again.

-= Tuck =-