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> Ron and Rob have been discussing the possible existance of contour feathers.
> Ron is saying that there had tobe some intermediate feather before flight. RO
> was saying that there does not appear to be any evidence etc.
> I'm sitting here looking at my very fine cast of the Berlin Archie and there
> is something beneath each knee that sure liiks like a feathery covering.  To
> a lesser degree one can see the same thing in photographs.  One also sees
> that on many artist reconstructions. However to me it sure looks like Archy
> had on some feather like stockings along with the flight feathers which gets
> everyone's attention.

     In Yale's archive is a pencil tracing of the Berlin specimen done 
sometime in 1879 or 1879.  The artists has drawn the specimen with very 
conspicuous fethers on the shins, underside of the neck, and things that 
might be meant to represent feathers in the chest region and along the 
back.  If I remeber correctly, GS Paul said in PREDATORY DINOSAURS 
that there was a small crest of feathers on the head that was removed to 
expose the skull better.

LN Jeff