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Re[2]: BAAD BCF(chicken story)

  My pet chicken, Petunia(I know-bad Smother's Brothers routine, but I atually 
had a pet chicken in 3rd grade-was the only chick to survive the incubator at 
school), once flew into a 60 foot redwood tree when the garbage man tried to 
chicken-nape her.  Chickens can certainly fly.  It was her first attempt and it 
took her another day and a half to decide that coming down was also a 
possiblity.  We did not clip her wings, nor did we after the evil actions of the
garbage man.  (Was a wierd chicken, anyways...ate mice she caught herself and 
crowed every morning after laying her egg)

     >What are chickens trying to do when they flap thier wings when you 
>chase them?  Are they remembering thier flying roots and trying to fly 
>(and uninterntionally producing drag by extending thier wings), or are they 
>trying to boost running speed?