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> at it) is much guide for similar developments on land.  The biggest
> objection to the evolution of wings as escape structures for ground dwellers
> is that before they are big enough for real flight, extending them during
> running actually produces drag and reduces foot-to-ground contact, resulting
> in slowing the animal down, not speeding it up.  To give this up simply to
> make a slightly-longer-than-average jump is unlikely to be too useful as an
> escape mechanism, unless the prey can literally get out of the way be
> clearing an obstacle or reaching a refuge (like a tree, folks!).

     What are chickens trying to do when they flap thier wings when you 
chase them?  Are they remembering thier flying roots and trying to fly 
(and uninterntionally producing drag by extending thier wings), or are they 
trying to boost running speed?

LN Jeff