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Re: Publishing on the WEB

     (sorry this is a litle late, our send-out has been broken at work)
     >Publishing on the WEB about dinosaurs and other areas of historical 
     >science may be different than publishing for physics, astronomy, and 
     >certain other sciences.  Much current research in physics and 
     >astronomy tends to be rather esoteric, and beyond the grasp of the 
     >average amateur scientist. 
     Has anyone looked at either Botany, or even Agriculture on the Web?  
     I've come across some pretty nifty papers on some comparable stuff to 
     dinosaurs, ie; historical migration source of certain strains of 
     flora, isolating genetic traits that inhibit deseases, intoduction of 
     new hybrids into an environment, etc, all of which seem to be designed 
     along the lines of what you seem to be looking for, for Paleontology, 
     but already in place for Botany and Agriculture.  Not much in the way 
     of illustrations, however.
       I can't quote you the exact sites here from work as my web-browser 
     is on my home machine (and we all know how difficult it is to send to 
     the list from a non-subscribed source....)