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> I have often wondered if  a leaping, two-legged kick might not also have
> been the standard attack method of Velociraptor and its kin (especially as 
> it has a big advantage over cassowaries in that it can grab the kickee
> first), rather than the balancing-on-one-leg kick usually described - after 
> all, why not use two weapons at once if you have them?
       I'd like to point out that roosters attack with both legs while 
     flapping their wings to stay aloft. (at least the one responsible for 
     the 2 inch scar on my leg flapped in order to keep his feet in line 
     with his target)
       For stability during the attack, any Velociraptor-type would just 
     about have to grab something to hold on to, to continue the attack.  
     Otherwise they'd have to fall off and jumping back on again, thus 
     using more energy for the attack AND taking longer to do a kill.  It 
     just seems more energy efficient to hang on, instead.