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Re: Dinosaur Genera List corrections #30

>Here's the reference:
>Hunt, A. P., Lockley, M. G., Lucas, S. G. and Meyer, C. A., 1995 (not 1994).
>"The global sauropod fossil record," _Gaia 10_: 261-279.
>I have not yet seen the paper, but 19 pages on sauropods should be very
>interesting indeed.

I'll see you 19 and raise you plenty!  From what I've been told, this issue
of _Gaia_ (a Portugese earth science journal) will be devoted (in part or
whole) to sauropods!  Other papers are by Upchurch and colleagues (in
various combinations).  I haven't seen the issue yet, but will be all over
it whent I do.

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