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Re: BCF and BADD

On Wed, 29 Nov 1995, Jeffrey Martz wrote:

>     It might make more certain that the mutations that appeared were 
> selected for, but the mutations themselves appear when they are good and 
> ready.  New genetic variety for natural selection to chose from appears 
> no faster in a species in a life threatening situation than in a species 
> that can afford to evolve at leisure.  An animals genes don't know what 
> the species needs as far as mutations, the raw material for natural 
> selection.   
Certain bacteria are known to produce more mutations in stressful 
conditions when reproducing, or more suprisingly, they will actually 
mess with their own DNA to produce mutations. Granted, the mutations are 
not directed in any particular manner, but the off chance that a mutation 
will be helpful appears to outweigh the risk of dying.