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> Anyway, time for my favourite (though possibly apocryphal) cassowary story,
> about the Double-wattled.  Supposedly, many years back, a driver in a VW
> beetle hit a cassowary while driving through Palmerston National Park in
> northern Queensland.  He got out to see if the bird  was okay.  It was only
> slightly stunned, but it got up, shook its feathers - and charged.  The
> driver's only refuge  was the car roof.  He made it just as the cassowary
> reached him.  The bird then expressed its feelings by repeatdly kicking the
> car from all sides - puncturing both passenger doors AND the petrol tank!

     My dad told me abould some bird in I think it was Australia or New 
Zealand that he had problems with out in the feild.  This bird supposedly 
like to climb up to the tops of tents, then SLIDE DOWN, slashing open the 
tent as it slid, to get at food and stuff inside.  I can't remeber if it 
was a cassowary or some other kind of bird with wicked feet claws.

LN Jeff