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Re: Re: Longisquama (was: Flightly PaleoWorld)

>In BCF, "protobird" is not "maniraptor," of course. "Maniraptor" is an
>advanced stage of avian evolution, describing a theropod/bird with
>flight-stroke forearms/wings (e.g., _Archaeopteryx_, _Deinonychus_, or any
>modern avian for that matter). The "protobird" _Longisquama_ was nowhere
>nearly that derived.

Actualy, Maniraptora's definition is not contingent on any particular
derived characters.  Maniraptora = birds and all taxa sharing a more recent
common ancestor with birds than with Ornithomimidae.  Of course, we are all
agreed that Maniraptora probably includes Deinonychus and Archie, but almost
certainly excludes Longisquama.

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