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> In a recent Scientific American article on extinct flightless predatory
> birds, the author depicted some kind of phorusrhacid subduing its prey (a
> small ungulate) by kicking it over _on the run_ and ingesting it whole. What
> do you think of that?                                              (G.O.)

I'm thinking "Phorusrhacoids weighed a great deal less than 5 tons".

Even the very biggest, the Pleistocene _Titanis (sp?) walleri_ from Florida, was
no heavier than 110 kg. Extant bears, which can reach 800 kg, are very agile,
as are the biggest ratites. But _Tyrannosaurus_ makes these animals look
veritably pygmaic.. I don't think we can assume they're in the same boat.

It was a neat article wasn't it?

An appropriate quote?...

"It could run, it could jump, this isn't a giant lizard, this isn't a giant
tortoise, it's a bloody giant, meat-eating road-runner"