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On Tue, 28 Nov 1995, Ronald Orenstein wrote:
> >Regarding standing on leg and fighting, what do modern analogs - say
> >an ostrich - do? Not the same bulk and dimensions as a rex, but
> >similarly arm challenged.
> >
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> Well, cassowaries, like fighting cocks (I actually HAVE seen a cockfight,
> but a mock one, many years ago in Mexico, in which the birds' spurs were
> outfitted with tiny boxing gloves), do not stand on one leg and kick - they
> leap into the air and slash out (in the case of cassowaries which use  a
> forward-pointing claw) or strike outwards and downwards (for fighting cocks)
> with both feet simultaneously.  A cassowary will also, according to the
Given the small mass of the bird, jumping attacks are probably more
feasible. A rex is heavier, but could have used its tail as a counter weight
for kicking (or for holding prey/opponent away/down). Jumping of some 
kind is most certainly in the repertoire tho.


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