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Re: BCF and BADD

>>In BADD theory, it is argued that birds evolved from bipedal, cursorial
>theropods. In BCF, I argue that bipedal, cursorial theropods as well as
>modern birds evolved from a lineage of arboreal, birdlike ancestors. BADD
>says birds ran bipedally before they flew; BCF says birds climbed, glided,
>and flew but were always quite capable of running, either quadrupedally (in
>the early stages of the evolution of flight) or bipedally when grounded.

>George Olshevsky

A (rather peevish, I admit) question:  after GO's lengthy exposition of BCF
last week I replied at even more interminable length with a number of (I
thought) critical points, as well as a few short messages.  The  short ones
appear to have been picked up on, but my longer comments appear to have
produced a deathly silence.  I assume from this that:

a.  I have stunned George into contrite silence; and/or
b.  My comments were so idiotic as not to be worth replying to; and/or
c.  I have bored everyone into a state of catatonia.

However, if anyone out there is still awake, I would be curious to know just
how nonsensical or uncomprehending my message was.  Thanks.
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