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Time to do some actual peer review (#1 of 3)

   Last week someone sent me an article they had written for a newspaper
that they asked me to put on my web page.  My web page is dedicated to what
*I* believe about dinosaurs (so there, nyah!) and I have huge problems with
what's written in this article.

   It is an article trying to use the dinosaur fossil record to debunk

   Now, I realize there's been a lot of discussion on the list lately about
evolution.  However, I couldn't make it fit into a coherent form for posting
to my web page, something I knew I would have to do eventually.  This
article seems to be an excellent way to get what I need.

   It also gives me a chance to get a little peer review (although, since
I'm not a paleontologist, I'm really not a peer) of the response I wrote
(but have not yet sent).  My training is in physical science, not
biological, so I'm not certain my arguments didn't come straight out of left

   What follows is the article and, following that, my response.  Please
chip in your $ln(1.020201341)  worth.  Unless your response is totally
unrelated to dinosaurs (and unless Mickey or others strenuously object) make
your replies in public.  Hopefully, what will follow is an excellent debate
that will weed out the ridiculous (my arguments) for the sublime (your

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