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In a message dated 95-11-28 13:13:55 EST, Tamira@aol.com writes:

>since when do Males do things the 'safe' way....after all you can see great
>evidence of that every Sunday afternoon......males on TV bashing each other
>about with other males watching them while consuming massive amounts of food
>and drink guaranteed to harden the arteries and cirrose the liver  :D

Most males remain perfectly safe in the stands or in their living rooms while
a few overpaid morons bash themselves senseless over a pigskin ball. I hope
the money and "fame" are worth it to them, especially when they're all doped
up and in traction. I even played some football in college, until I woke up
one day black and blue from the previous afternoon and realized how nuts it
was. I went into archery for a while after that.