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Re: BCF and BADD

In a message dated 95-11-28 13:05:22 EST, NKING.UCS@smtp.usi.edu writes:

>I hate to be a pest (like now), but I'm sort of new to this group.  The 
>discussion of BCF and BADD is interesting, but what the heck are BCF and 
>BADD?  Like, what do the acronyms stand for?  Can someone explain the two 
>concepts in about ten words or less, each (really!)?

BCF: Birds Came First. 

BADD: Birds Are Dinosaur Descendants.

In BADD theory, it is argued that birds evolved from bipedal, cursorial
theropods. In BCF, I argue that bipedal, cursorial theropods as well as
modern birds evolved from a lineage of arboreal, birdlike ancestors. BADD
says birds ran bipedally before they flew; BCF says birds climbed, glided,
and flew but were always quite capable of running, either quadrupedally (in
the early stages of the evolution of flight) or bipedally when grounded.

My wife and I invented the acronyms BADD and BCF when I wrote an article on
BCF for the June 1994 OMNI. A friend of mine thinks the acronym BCF should be
replaced with the acronym GOODD: George Olshevsky On Descendant Dinosaurs.
But much as I find this acronym amusing (heh heh), I imagine (for obvious
reasons) that I'd have an even more difficult time being taken seriously.

George Olshevsky