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Re: Dino in a tree

Bonnie B asked whether trees like ginkos, cycads, etc were capable of
supporting theropods (in terms of climbing or perching, I assume), and 
suggested consulting a paleobotanist.  Well, I'm no paleobotanist, but 
I think there is little question that many of the trees in the 
theropod's environment were up to the task. The ginkos certainly were 
large and strong enough, based on the size of fossil and modern 
ginkoes.  And the size of other mesozoic tree fossils indicates that 
plenty of large, robust trees were around.  How low to the ground the 
branches were may be uncertain in many cases, and many cycads, 
cycadeoids and tree ferns seem not to have had large or strong limbs.  
But ginkos and various conifers probably did, and besides, many modern 
animals climb tree _trunks_ with little problem, with claws smaller 
than those of theropods.  Now whether many theropods would be climbing 
them is a totally separate question, which is what prompted Bonnie's 
question in the first place.  

Glen K