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> Well, I certainly had no idea that this thread would be so active when I
> asked the question!  :o)                    

Perhaps we just needed a vent for the thoughts we harbour, David (hint to others
with interesting questions..).

> Anyway...while I have never really witnessed a cock-fight (with or without
> the razor blade accessories)

I should hope not. The practise is illegal here, and I hope it is elsewhere in
the world.

> Then again, maybe tyrannosaurs just arm-wrestled each-other....

I'm guessing they did the ol' Bakker lateral head-bashing, biting thing. Kicking
seems appealing, but then, if I were a 5 tonne biped, balancing on one leg to
kick is one of the last things I would want to do. But who ever said combat
amongst individuals has to be 'safe'. Yeah, that's it - male tyrannosaurs
competed for females by kicking one another. The one that remains standing is
the winner! Pity the loser.. he could be permanently disabled, or perhaps dead
(I'm joking, but it's still worth thinking about).

Farlow-inspired today,