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new theropod ref

I don't know if anyone posted this or not, but here's a new theropod

Rauhut, O.W.M.  1995.  Zur systematischen Stellung der afrikanischen
Theropoden _Carcharodontosaurus_ Stromer 1931 und _Bahariasaurus_ Stromer
1934.  Berliner geowiss. Abh. E16:357-375.

The gist of this paper is that these two giant theropods of the Baharia
Oasis of Egypt are sister taxon in the Family Carcharodontosauridae Stromer
1931 (= Bahariasauridae Huene 1948), a member of the Allosauroidea.  Among
the synapomorphies of the carcharodontosaurids are pleurocoelous caudals.
The presence of giant allosauroids in the early Late Cretaceous of northern
Africa will fit in nicely with Sereno et al.s new giant Morrocan theropod,
which also seems to be allosauroid.

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