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The hallux argument doth rage!
> Fair enough. However, I have yet to encounter in the literature a compelling
> function for the retroverted hallux that does not involve perching. Either it
> evolved for that function, or it evolved for some other function that nobody
> has been able to figure out yet.                                  (G.O.)

Felids, canids and other carnivorans retain an elevated digit 1 (but, of course,
on the manus) that is mostly fairly useless as goes the cursorial habit many
species have evolved. In felids, this so-called dew claw (not, despite some
claims, used for grooming.. ASAIK), by nature of its divergence from 2-5 helps
in 'holding' prey, and cheetah use it to snag the legs of their prey. But in
canids, it seems damn useless.. is anybody aware of any uses it might have? So,
in ways, it might be analogous to the theropodan hallux.. might... might.

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