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Dinosaur bibliography (and a new ref. too)

Here's a new ref.

JT Meteoritics.
DA NOV 01 1995 v 30 n 6
PG  634
AU Rasmussen, K.L.
AU Clausen, H.B.
AU Kallemeyn, G.W.
TI No iridium anomaly after the 1908 Tunguska impact: Evidence from a
   Greenland ice core.

        I'd also like to voice my support for an online bibliograpy of 
dinosaur references.  My only concern is that if it's not indexed and 
cross-referenced, it would simply be a list of titles.  Due to computer 
space, bandwidth, and management constraints, the bibliography would 
almost have to be relatively simplistic.  
        Also, I believe that many of the participants on this list 
already have databases of their own with which to manage their specific 
reference interests.  I doubt that many of us would use a centralized 
database in place of our personal ones, so the bibliography being 
proposed here would be a redundancy for what most of us already have.  
That is certainly not a bad thing, but I wonder whether those who have a 
more "hobbiest" interest in vert. pal. would make use of such a bibliography.
        This is just a suggestion, but perhaps it would be better to 
start a kind of archive of references sent to the list.  Micky will 
certainly have something to say about that, but the archiving task 
wouldn't necessarily fall to him.
        The reason I suggest an archive rather than a bibliography is 
that if Graeme takes on the burden of creating a bibliography he'll be 
swimming in e-mailed references which everyone would like to have 
included.  I could personally provide you with about 10,000 dinosaur 
references.  If I and every Tom, George, and Ralph out there sends you 
all our references, you may be biting off more than you want.
        What if, instead of a bibliography, you simply maintain an 
archive list of post-Dinosauria references.  Any new refs. you receive 
could be added to your archive and periodic updates could be sent to this 
discussion list.  This would allow a pretty comprehensive bibliography of 
1990 and later references which shouldn't be too much to deal with at first.
        I'd also like to say that I really appreciate everyone who has 
made an effort to send new refs. to this list on occasion.  I think it's 
important that we keep each other informed as to what's out there. A 
centralized bibliography is a great idea, albeit a daunting task.  But 
I'll be happy to pitch in whatever you want if you decide to go through 
with this, Graeme!
        I hope more of you will kick this idea around a little!