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Dinosaur bibliography

The dinosaur genera list seems to have generated a lot of interest, so here
is a similar idea for consideration. Keeping up with dinosaur publications
is not the easiest task, and it seems logical (to me at least) to follow up
the genera list with a bibliography. I suggested this privately to George as
a possible inclusion in the genera list, but on reflection that would
probably get a bit too unwieldy fairly quickly. There are a number of ways
this could be approached. My basic idea is to restrict it to those
references not already available in The Dinosauria (I guess most of us have
access to that ?)ie probably post 1988 (?), and maybe keep them in 5 year
groups to prevent the file size getting out of hand. References should be
restricted only to those directly referring to dinosaurs, and should be kept
as brief as possible - no more than 1 line of title plus the ref. Micky
might have some pertinent comments about where these lists should (or should
not!) reside. If people think this is a good idea, I am happy to start it
off by sending everything I have and act as a central receiving/filtering
point for updating.