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Hunting the Dragon, Learning Channel

Tonights episode of DINOMANIA was better than most. The animation of the 
sauropods ambling along in a group were much better thanm most of the 
previous animations and they had good info, with Currie, Horner, Russel, 
etc. No Bakker, altho I happen to like the way he gets the fireld types 
thinking about possibilities. He stimulates argument and reevaluation of 
the facts. But I've saidf that before. 
        If you see Hunting the Dragon again, try and get it. It's worth 
the trouble.

Ray McAllister, Prof (Emeritus) Ocean Eng., FAU, Boca Raton, FL 33064
Diving Dinosaur, Geologist/Oceanographer/Ocean Engineer, 43 years SCUBA
mcallist@gate.net (305) 426-0808, Author Diving Locations, Boynton/Dania