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Dinosaur art sought


I'm looking for some high quality dinosaur art to put on the Berkeley WWW
dinosaur exhibits. Any artwork posted would have all normal copyrights
reserved by the artist(s>, credit given in a brief caption below, and would
be removed if and when the artist(s) wished. Format must be a gif or jpeg
of roughly 100K or less; or with permission modified to that size.

Right now, I'm looking for (preferrably color) pictures of theropods,
especially theropods beating on other dinosaurs (or each other). Pictures
of birds, pterosaurs, phytosaurs, mosasaurs, other archosaurs and diapsids,
and (soon) basal synapsids would also be cool, but I'll consider anything.

The WWW dinosaur sites receive some 5000 hits per week, so this is good
free advertisement.

E-mail me personally with questions; attach a small sample if you wish. Thanks!

                        John R. Hutchinson
                  Evolving Evolutionary Biologist
                 Department of Integrative Biology
                  3060 Valley Life Sciences Bldg
                University of California - Berkeley
                        Berkeley, CA 94720
                          (510) 643-2109