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Re: Great Mambo Dinosaurs

>There is no way Meglania weighed 2.5 tonnes. The volume of the restored
>skeleton in Australia shows it weighed about 1 tonne. I know because I
>modeled it. Meglania was much more slender than a 2.5 tonne tyrannosaur, and
>did not not even as heavy as a 1.5 tonne allosaur. Them's the facts.

The mounted skeleton, as on display in the Queensland Museum, is more
restoration than specimen: all of the Megalania material consists of shitty
little bits. Two relevant point here; 1 That reconstruction is not based on
the biggest shitty bits we have (I have seen specimens from individuals
easily half as big again as the one on display in the QM) and 2, the
display specimen is just a scaled up goanna skeleton and the accuracy of
the final restoration must therefore be in doubt. Please note that, in my
original post, I did put in 50% error estimates. As for comparing the
comparitive suggested weights of an extinct varanid with those of two
extinct theropods, arn't we stretching things here just a bit?

Cheers, Paul