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Berkeley WWW Dinosaur sites

To all of you dinosaur nuts:

        I humbly request your assistance in refining and updating the
Berkeley dinosaur sites which have just recently been announced. As I've
only been specialized in this area for a little while, I need some more
knowledgeable criticism from others experienced in dinosaurian
paleontology. So if you'd like, _please_ look over the sites starting at
http://ucmp1.berkeley.edu/diapsids/diapsids.html and proceeding through
theropods and pterosaurs (sauropod and ornithischian revisions are on the
back burner for now), and then on to some discussion of hot topics in
paleontology (...edu/dinosaur.dinobuzz.html) such as: the K-T extinction
(...edu/diapsids/extinction.html), metabolism
(...edu/diapsids/metabolism.html), Jurassic Park feasibility
(...edu/diapsids/popular.html), estimating dinosaurs speeds
(...edu/diapsids/locomotion.html), and (of relevance to recent discussion)
avian origins (...edu/diapsids/avians.html). Theropod sites on
ornithomimids and maniraptorans should be up today. More pictures are
coming. Links to some of my fave dino sites are included.
        What I am trying to achieve is a set of exhibits that will both
satisfy the dino nuts (us) and those less involved "amateurs" that are just
touring the virtual museum.
        _Above all_, I want _sound scientific facts_ as a foundation for
the exhibits, with _objective opinions_ on interesting topics to allow the
public to make their own opinions about current topics in paleontology. I
don't know my facts as well as I should; some sites have been constructed
purely off the top of my head, and others I've just familiarized myself
with by quickly reviewing available literature. So there are factual errors
in some sites, I'm sure, and these I want to erradicate ASAP! Some opinions
derived from the facts presented may be a bit dogmatic, and I want to
smoothe those out (sorry, the stuff on theropod origins of avians stays for
now :-) ). Some people may not like some opinions presented, and I
sincerely apologize in advance if they strike a nerve. This weekend is
devoted to making the dinosaur sites as good as possible so the public may
be properly informed; some sites get about 2000 hits per week, so I want
good information out there, not misinformation.
        In summation, if you have the time and the inclination, send me a
personal e-mail with objective criticisms and I'll do my best to make
improvements. _Please_, keep criticisms constructive and not personal :-).
If I would have done work on only the stuff I was very familiar with, I
would have just done the dinosaur speeds site and been finished. I need
assistance from you guys (and gals) in making the dinosaur sites as
thorough and up to date as possible; the old sites were just not up to par
IMO (they were done by non-vertebrate specialists).
        Thanks in advance!

                        John R. Hutchinson
                  Evolving Evolutionary Biologist
                 Department of Integrative Biology
                  3060 Valley Life Sciences Bldg
                University of California - Berkeley
                        Berkeley, CA 94720
                          (510) 643-2109