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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #28

I seem to have put out a corrections #29 but without a #28. So here's #28.
The next one will be #30.

I made another pass through the list to weed out some more anomalies and
found the following:

Honghesaurus [Anonymous] 1981 is a nomen nudum. The generic name was first
published captioning the cover illustration for a notepad(!). The first
appearance of this name in a scientific publication was spelled Hunhosaurus,
also a nomen nudum. This is thus technically a misspelling of Honghesaurus
and should be deleted from the list; so delete Hunhosaurus entirely. These
names are all early versions of what eventually became Yandusaurus

Jingshanosaurus Zhang & Yang, 1995 is not a [nomen nudum] any more.

Ninghsiasaurus is a misspelling of Pinacosaurus ninghsiaensis (the Chinese
characters for "Pinaco" were omitted from an abstract, and the name was then
translated into Ninghsiasaurus). Delete Ninghsiasaurus.

Walkeria is preoccupied, but the attribution of the preoccupying name was
inadvertently omitted. It is Fleming, 1823, so the line should read:

Walkeria Chatterjee, 1987/Fleming, 1823

The genera count is now 772.