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Re: Dinosaur Genera List corrections #29

    > Troodon: Leidy, 1856
    > Troodon: Gilmore, 1924 non Leidy, 1956


    Leidy's  _Troodon_ appears with the typographical convention of two 
dots above the second "o" (something we all can do with word-processors, 
but not easily with e-mail editors), presumably to insure the double letters 
pronounced separately. (The diacritical mark is a diaeresis, *not* an umlaut, 
of course!)  Have you noticed the problems the typesetter(s) and/or editor(s) 
had with "Troodontidae" in _Discovering Dinosaurs in the American 
Museum of Natural History_? Not only do the double dots bounce from one 
"o" to to another on different pages, one "o" gets dropped altogether while 
the remaining one gets double-dotted all by its lonesome (page xviii), and the 
index listing alphabetically misplaces "Troodontidae" (first "o" double-dotted) 
after "Trossingen," which follows "Toodon" (second "o" double-dotted) 
(page 203).

-= Tuck =-