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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #29

Bob Margulski and Jeff Poling had some questions about certain dinosaur names
that were repeated in the list. All but the following two were "preoccupation
pairs," in which the second name was proposed for a dinosaur but was
preoccupied by the name of a previously named different dinosaur (instead of,
say, a bug or a spider or a mollusk, etc.).

The two pairs are:

Hoplosaurus: Seeley, 1881
Hoplosaurus: Lydekker, 1890/Seeley, 1881

Troodon: Leidy, 1856
Troodon: Gilmore, 1924 non Leidy, 1956

In the first instance, the second name is a misspelling of _Oplosaurus_
Gervais, 1852, which appears in my list as preoccupied by Seeley. This it is;
but since it is merely a misspelling (Lydekker himself attributed it to
Gervais), it really shouldn't be in the list at all. Delete the Lydekker,
1890 occurrence and leave only the Seeley, 1881 occurrence.

In the second instance, I left Gilmore's usage of _Troodon_--as a senior
synonym of _Stegoceras_--as a legit dinosaur name, but on reflection I
decided that I really shouldn't have done that. Gilmore did not propose the
name anew; he unquestionably considered _Stegoceras_ to be a junior synonym
of Leidy's genus (which we all now know, thanks to Phil Currie, is a small
theropod, not a pachycephalosaur). So we should really eliminate the Gilmore
usage of _Troodon_.

So the dinosaur genera count is now down to 774.