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Re: Re: Publishing on the WEB, DinoStore After Thanksgiving Sale

>   Didn't Bakker create his journal (_Hunteria_?) to provide a publication
>for himself and others so that they would no longer have to contend with the
>review system?  Dissatisfaction in the review system appears to have been
>growing for quite some time.  Why has there been no serious attempt to
>revise it .... or maybe the question should be, what is keeping a new system
>from being devised?

Now, wait just a minute here.  Although some people have a problem with the
peer review system, it can be very helpful and productive.  I and coauthors
(and I'm sure many of the rest of you professionals out there) have benifited
greatly from comments through peer review, making out papers better.   No
one (except maybe Dinogeorge :-) ) has memorized the whole of the literature
on any subject, and many of us have picked up things here and there outside
the field of the paper which proves useful in a revision.  So, there is
still much to recommend about peer review.

In any case, Happy Meleagris gallipavo Day to one and all!

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