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Re: Publishing on the WEB

>Many of these people (including a not insignificant number among those in=
>my geology classes each semester) would like to redirect this science to=20
>the glorification of God the Creator (you KNOW who I mean--and it's not=20
>Osiris), especially in matters of earth and life history.  Some of these=20
>people are VERY serious about this, and could begin stuffing our=20
>publication outlets with such reinterpretations of ALL of the data of=20
>historical science (just read Whitcomb and Morris' _The Genesis Flood_ if=
>you think this is an exaggeration).  And they could finally claim=20
>legitimacy because, after all, they got it published in a recognized=20
>scientific medium rather than by a religious publishing house.  I would=20
>like our editors to continue culling this stuff, thank you.

So how do we deal with this?  I mean, very few people doubt that the earth=
 orbits the sun (except for a few lunatics).  How do we reach this same=
 state about evolution?  Granted, we cannot see evolution happening today=
 (unless you count virus mutations), so this may hinder our efforts.  To put=
 it plainly, what did the astronomers have to do to legitimize the orbiting=
 earth (did it take the Apollo missions?), perhaps we can borrow a technique=
 or two.

Any suggestions?


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