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> As, if not more, interesting, is the Aussie pinecone skink. Like _Tiliqua_, I
> hear that they are (apparently) monogamous. Plus, of course, they look like 
> two
> stuck-together pine cones. I thought also that they were viviparous, and gave
> birth to one mega-huge, over-developed baby. Correct me if I'm wrong. (I 
> wonder
> how they are related to _Tiliqua_.) But then, I'm no lizard expert..

The relationship between the pincone skink and the sleepy lizard is very 
intimate - they are two common names for the same thing: Tiliqua rugosa 
(Trachydosaurus rugosus in older literatrure). It is true they are 
viviparous and produce between one and four (usually two) well developed 
young. Other members of Tiliqua (the bluetongue skinks) produce larger 
litters and give no parental care.

Adam Yates