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Re: Dino Illustrations

>In a message dated 95-11-21 14:42:55 EST, 
us009472@interramp.com (Michael
>Edward Purvis) writes:
>>  That's what I thought when I first saw a skull cast 
>>photo.. "Pachycephalosaurus? Those spikes look more like 
>>Stygimoloch!" Sure seems odd that the skull is so similar 
>>the AMNH Pachy skull. Of course, not having seen the 
>>unrestored material for either, I'm not certain how much 
>>inferred in the restoration.
>The Triebold skull lacks the dome. So you can imagine why 
the restored skull
>looks like that of _Pachycephalosaurus_...!

 LACKS the dome??? That's a new one on me... most "bonehead" 
fossils I've heard of seem to be mostly isolated domes with 
little else preserved.

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