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New UCMP Web sites

OK, I've been given permission to announce that the University of
California Museum of Paleontology's new web sites are officially open, at
the url:
I've been overhauling the dinosaur web sites, to feel free to e-mail me
personally with advice (don't e-mail the list unless it's really relevant
(and  won't embarass me!)  8-) ). The sites are not finished by a long
shot, but are approaching a satisfactory condition. So please pardon any
errors in the sites; they will be corrected when possible.

        For a real jolt, check out The Dinobuzz at
You're bound to disagree with something written there, and I'm to blame! 8-)

More pictures (including the type specimens of Dilophosaurus, Segisaurus,
the elasmosaur Plesiosaurus, the trackway Cheirotherium, and so on are
planned, so be patient.


                        John R. Hutchinson
                  Evolving Evolutionary Biologist
                 Department of Integrative Biology
                  3060 Valley Life Sciences Bldg
                University of California - Berkeley
                        Berkeley, CA 94720
                          (510) 643-2109