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>Someone recently pointed out that nitpicking is fun, so in that spirit I
>can suggest one tetrapod that can't swim (or at least doesn't want to).
>The Shingleback Skink - Tiliqua rugosa (or sleepy lizard where I come
>from) seems to be to dense to float. When they fall into a body of water
>they simply crawl slowly along the bottom until they find a way out
>(observation based on a friends captive colony). Their density may be due
>to their enlarged armour-like scales with dense bony cores. [snip] >What=
 does this have to do
>with dinosaurs? - not much.

OTOH, this may be quite relevant.  The description of this skink armor=
 sounds similar to the ankylosaurs.  Now, I know that nodosaurs  are often=
 found in marine shales (offering the possibility of being partially aquatic=
 {would this develop into a fully seagoing dinosaur???}).  However, the=
 ankylosaurs (being more heavily armored) may have had this same problem=
 while swimming.


Q. What gastropod is a constant skeptic?

A. Abalony.